Infinity Manu - Gold


Infinite freedom. Featuring the designs from our first collaboration with Manu Farrarons, our infinity bracelet is as meaningful as it is unique. Our hand bracelet, looping through the finger and clasping at the wrist, is a reminder of where we are and the endless possibilities we have in front of us.

The Manu represents Freedom & Guidance.

In Tahitian mythology, it is said that when you are lost in the ocean, you follow the birds, as they will always lead back to the islands. 

Even in the open waters, you are never truly alone. Explore your freedom, and know that you are being guided from above. Carefully designed to sit on an angle, the manu will always fly by your side. 

Designed in collaboration with world renowned tattoo artist, Manu Farrarons, this unique Tahitian bird will guide you through the rough waters. 


  • Handcrafted in LA
  • Made with high quality 925 sterling silver
  • 14k gold coated
  • Featuring a genuine diamond in the center of the Manu
  • Pendant size is approx 25cm 
  • Adjustable clasp, sized to fit most 

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