We are a small business and make small batches.

Thank you to all our Anapa lovers! We make small batches and with each new collection we strive to bring the highest quality possible to our customers. Our shop is currently on hold while we prepare for the next launch.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for any special requests.

new! pearls from Tahiti

Tahitian pearl Illusion Earrings

Tahitian Pearl Illusion Hoop


Tahitian Pearl Illusion Hoop

$289 $350

Did you know it takes around 2-3 years for a Tahitian pearl to form? At Anapa, we believe in slow fashion, and that's why we create all of our designs in small batches. Like a pearl, we believe everything worth having takes time to create.

After over a year of development, we are finally releasing our original design, Tahitian Pearl Illusion earring! Designed to be in harmony with our body, with the back of the hoop sitting behind the ear, our Tahitian Pearl Illusion hoops is our elegant take on Tahitian pearl jewelry. With carefully hand picked Tahitian pearls from Tahiti, each pair is unique and stunningly beautiful. We spent over 20 hours handpicking and matching pearls to bring you an exclusive, unique, and high quality piece. 

  • Made of high quality 925 Sterling Silver
  • 14k gold Vermeil Plating for quality shine
  • Featuring 2 authentic 8-9 mm Round Tahitian pearls sourced directly from Tahiti
  • Unique and elegant illusion design
  • 925 authentication stamp & Anapa logo stamp on inside of earring

Because they are made from nature, no two pearls are exactly the same and only 5-10% are perfectly round. Pearl colors vary within designs, but all of them are just as stunning! We only have a very limited amount of our Tahitian Pearl Illusion hoop. They are all truly one of a kind, and you will carry a piece of Tahiti with you wherever you go!

Introducing our

Whale hoops

By My Side Whale Earrings - Gold


By My Side Whale Earrings - Gold


Like a momma whale to her baby, mother nature will always be by your side. Inspired by a life-altering moment in the ocean, these earrings were uniquely designed to be sold as a set. One of a kind, modern, and rich with symbolism & purpose, these earrings are meant to serve as a reminder, that mother nature will take care of you, and in return, we must remember to take care of her. 10% of all profits from this design will go towards ocean preservation. 

Diving next to a 40 foot whale can be a humbling experience, but witnessing the mother whale protecting her baby, while at the same time acknowledging our presence was a moment that profoundly affected me. It was as though time stood still while her eye stared directly at me. In that moment, I realized just how small we are in this universe. As humans, we are only a tiny piece of this planet, and mother nature has a way of reminding us to take care of her. 

I would have never expected that floating in the ocean would become such a grounding experience. - Anahera

  • Designed by Anahera and ethically made in LA
  • Symbolizing the unique connection between mother nature and humanity
  • Made of high quality Sterling Silver
  • 14k gold plated
  • Your purchase makes a difference, 10% of profits will be donated to ocean preservation 

Discover our first collection, inspired by Tahiti

In collaboration with artist Manu Farrarons

What does your jewelry mean to you?

Handcrafted jewerly with real meaning

What if the jewelry you wear could transport you to the tropics and had real meaning? Each stunningly sculpted piece offers a symbolic message such as strength, courage, guidance or abundance. Inspired by the tropical destinations of the world, let Anapa Jewelry bring the tropics to you. We begin our journey in the Polynesian islands of Tahiti. Our first collaboration, welcomes the world renowned Polynesian tattoo artist, Manu Farrarons.

our pieces are handmade in the usa

we dream big, but make small quantities.

All of our pieces are handmade in Los Angeles, CA. From design to conception, every piece is carefully perfected, using the best quality metals and diamonds. For our first exclusive collaboration, we have only produced a limited quantity. Each piece is truly special and one of a kind. We believe jewelry should be a meaningful piece of art for you to carry with you.