Even in the darkest depths of the rainforest, we can find the light. All about us. Anapa means “to shine, sparkle or flash” in the Tahitian language. And although this seems like an obvious name for a jewelry company, the meaning goes much deeper for founder Anahera. Like many of us, the year 2020 shifted Anahera's world view greatly. Life as an entrepreneur and artist had been fun and exciting for her, and as many entrepreneurs do, she has a notebook filled with ideas. But after reflecting on life and the state of the world, she wanted to create something with true meaning and purpose.  Every piece of this new venture was carefully thought out, executed and created in order to bring meaningful art into the world, instead of a random, mass produced product. For those of you who know her, Anahera has a deep love for Polynesian culture and all things tropical. Part of her life mission is to showcase the beautiful places and cultures of the world that are often too small to see on a map, and also uplift the artists from these beautiful places through thoughtful collaborations. We begin our journey with Anapa at the one place in the world that has Anahera's heart forever, Tahiti, Polynesia.  Jewelry with real Meaning. How many meaningful pieces of jewelry do you own? We aim to bring you a  purposeful jewel that one day you will want to pass on to a loved one.  Every element of our designs holds a meaningful symbol meant to empower & uplift you. Made in LA. Each piece is ethically hand made of the highest quality materials, sourced right here in LA.  We could have made thousands of generic pieces overseas. Instead, we chose quality over quantity. Discover Culture. Inspired by the tropical wonders of the world, Anapa aims to bring you closer to the cultures around the globe that are often too small to see on a map.   Each collection will take you on a new cultural journey.Hi, my name is Anahera. I am a woman of mixed cultures and often think of myself as a daughter of the world. Because of my family roots in Aotearoa, I grew up around Polynesian culture and dance.  I began dancing Hula and Ori Tahiti, (Tahitian dance,) at the age of 8. It was through dance that my love for Tahitian culture grew. I have a passion for Tahiti, its land, culture & people and wanted to shine a light on a the beauty of this tiny island in the pacific. Far more than turquoise waters & overwater bungalows, Tahiti is magical because of the "mana," spirit that its people share with the rest of the world. I created Anapa to preserve and perpetuate native tropical cultures, as a way to keep them alive, through every meaningful piece. "Our planet doesn't need more generic, mass produced products. There is more magic in creating slow, carefully thought-out, meaningful pieces of art.  It's an honor to shine a light on beautiful indigenous cultures like Tahiti. Part of my mission is to give back to these people & places that have given the world so much more.A symbol of Hope. The logo, consisting of a tropical monstera leaf and an open cut diamond, represents hope and clarity. Although the monstera leaf thrives in tropical climates, it can persevere through tough conditions. Monstera leaves often develop holes, and while in many instances the appearance of a hole feels like a loss, in this case, it helps the leaf grow stronger. The holes are created so that wind and rain can fall through them, without breaking the leaf. Like the leaf, we learn that the hard times make us stronger, and that there is no growth without the rain. The diamond shape represents clarity. When the wind disappears and rain has stopped, we can clearly see the abundance of life through the darkness of the rainforest. Thoughtful collaborations. Part of Anahera's mission was to highlight and work with other passionate artists from the tropical places that inspired her most. Anahera has spent so much of her life studying, living and immersing herself in Tahitian culture. It was no surprise that she wanted to begin Anapa's journey in the beautiful islands of Tahiti.   Having an over decade long friendship, Anahera asked world renown Polynesian Tattoo artist, Manu Farrarons, to collaborate with her for Anapa's first collection.   Manu is a globally recognized Polynesian Tattoo artist, known best for creating what is referred to today as the "modern style Polynesian flow," tattoo. His work can be seen all over the world, and his influence on the Polynesian tattoo culture has forever left its mark. Manu is celebrated around the world as one of the best, and most importantly recognized as one of the tattoo artists to revive Polynesian tattoo after it was banned. Manu's work is artistically profound, much like his process. Having spent years of his life dedicated to uncovering and understanding the traditional Polynesian symbols, Manu never draws a line or symbol without knowing its significance. His clients are reassured knowing that their artwork has real meaning. For those who may be familiar with Manu Farrarons, may know that over his long spanning career, Manu has participated in a limited number of collaborations. In fact, it was only a few years ago that Manu finally started selling his much demanded shop logo t shirts!   Over the years, Manu and Anahera have discussed many potential collaborations, but nothing felt right. Much like a tattoo, both artists wanted to create something that was long lasting, high quality, and significant to the wearer. Both Manu and Anahera have worked for months, drawing, conceptualizing and realizing these first 4 designs of the collection. Each piece has significant symbolism.  The first collaboration with artist Manu Farrarons will be limited edition. Anywhere you take us. Creating a meaningful piece of art, and a company to stand behind it requires a vision beyond that of just any one product. We plan to create pieces inspired by real things, real people, real elements, and real places around the world. There is so much to discover and learn about the world, cultures, art, nature, and each other. We plan on doing that, and taking you along the journey. Our mission is to empower small communities around the world, showcase the beauty found in the most unexpected things, and above all, honor and respect nature. Part of our proceeds will go to help rebuild mother nature, in different areas of the world. From the coral reefs down below, to the dark depths of the rainforests, Anapa hopes to support and give back to māmā fenua, mother nature, however we can.