By My Side Whale Earrings - Gold


Like a momma whale to her baby, mother nature will always be by your side. Inspired by a life-altering moment in the ocean, these earrings were uniquely designed to be sold as a set. One of a kind, modern, and rich with symbolism & purpose, these earrings are meant to serve as a reminder, that mother nature will take care of you, and in return, we must remember to take care of her. 10% of all profits from this design will go towards ocean preservation. 

Diving next to a 40 foot whale can be a humbling experience, but witnessing the mother whale protecting her baby, while at the same time acknowledging our presence was a moment that profoundly affected me. It was as though time stood still while her eye stared directly at me. In that moment, I realized just how small we are in this universe. As humans, we are only a tiny piece of this planet, and mother nature has a way of reminding us to take care of her. 

I would have never expected that floating in the ocean would become such a grounding experience. - Anahera

  • Designed by Anahera and ethically made in LA
  • Symbolizing the unique connection between mother nature and humanity
  • Made of high quality Sterling Silver
  • 14k gold plated
  • Your purchase makes a difference, 10% of profits will be donated to ocean preservation 

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