10 percent for them

On November 17th, I spent in a day in the ocean, that would forever change my life.

My good friend, veterinarian & animal whisperer, Olivier, took us out on his boat in Tahiti. We encountered a humpback whale and her baby. After waiting for permission and respectfully approaching, I took my first dive in the deep blue. Keeping a safe distance, the mother allowed us to stay with them almost the entire day. She acknowledged us and when it was time to leave, she lifted her fin, almost to say goodbye, and the two were gone. It was a once in a lifetime, profound experience that stayed with me.

I realized how beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate these animals truly are. Witnessing the mother whale protecting her baby, while at the same time acknowledging our presence and allowing us to experience the moment was beyond impactful. And above all, I realized just how small we are in this universe. As humans, we are only a tiny piece of this planet, and we cannot forget to take care of the rest of it. I would have never expected that floating in the ocean would become such a grounding experience.

Immediately upon returning to LA, I was inspired and created the Mama and Baby whale earrings. Designed to sell as a set, symbolizing the profound bond between mother and baby, serving as a reminder of the importance of preserving the natural habitat in which these incredible animals can continue to give birth safely; in the warm waters of Tahiti.

There's no catch here. When I founded Anapa in June of 2021, I made a commitment to give back. I'm here to act on that promise. It's a privilege to support the causes I feel so passionate about.

10% of all profits from this collection will go towards organizations in Tahiti that are working towards ocean preservation. We plan to donate the money to Association Oceania in Tahiti by the end of this year.

Anahera, founder of Anapa Jewelry Swimming with Humpback whales in TahitiAnapa Whale hoops inspired by humpback whales, while free diving in Tahiti